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Korzika 2018

Zdajle, ko tole pišem, je dnevna vročine že odjenjala in človek lahko zbere misli, da kaj pametnega zapiše. Za to pa ni dovolj le prijetna temperatura, temveč se zraven prileže tudi kozarec korziškega pšeničnega piva Colomba, ki je odišavljen z mirto, po kateri otok tudi slovi. Smo v korziški prestolnici Ajaccio, ki s svojo razsvetljavo skrbi za to, da kljub vrhuncu Perzeidov (največji praznik ljubiteljev meteoritov v letu, ko jih lahko na temnem nebu vidimo tudi 100 na uro), le teh ne vidimo prav veliko… Sva jih občudovala včeraj, ko smo spali na divje pred slavnimi otoki Iles Sanguinnaires brez motečih luči…No, prehitevam. Stopimo par korakov nazaj.

Being on the road again - 2017

Oh no…the Van is having problems again. It starts, runs for a little and drops off, starts again and fails to run for another 10m. We make our way to a nearby macadam drive and just look at one another. And this is supposed to be our test drive before the 3-week trip?

Our VW T3 van was being serviced for several months, the engine had to go out, because we really wanted to make the engine reliable and running smoothly. But what we needed most was patience. Give me just a little… but it looks like the old and “very experienced” mechanic didn’t do his work properly. We stopped in Koper already! I grow restless. All the second thoughts others were making, got to me: - “You’re going to travel with this old car?” . “Isn’t Greece a bit far?” – “What if it’s going to be hot?” – “You know, you take the heat much harder when pregnant.” What if… Well, I close my eyes. Breathe in and trust that everything is going to be OK. It has to be. This is our last trip in 2 until 2032. We might actually be putting too much trust in this old chap from the 80’s. We park and know that we’ll to have our T3 towed home, but not today. Tomorrow. What’s left for today is to breathe sea air and enjoy a peaceful night after the exciting drive. Why not, if the Van got us to the coast at least. But we’re grateful to the universe that we didn’t give up at any moment and really wanted to take in Life on 4 wheels. And so we went. To make a quick glimpse at our beautiful and diverse Balkans. We made it to where Albania borders Greece quite easily and took a ferry from Igoumenitsa to come back home to Slovenia. One of the freest and adventurous journeys we ever made. Because your home is where you park ♡ What can one say about the nomadic life on the road, also called Van life? While the VW T3 has a virus which can infect you quickly and deadly, is Van life a way of life that really gets your happiness hormones running. Well this year, we have another “Sweet” thing on board of the Sunmobil. Can’t wait to take you on the road again in the next article. For now, you can make an impression or two from the 11 unpublished photos from our last year’s trip :)

Why translation matters

Also "baking my bread" being a translator, turning words into other words and trying to convey the meaning just right (oops, is this a grammatical error?).

Why translation matters to me.

Still taking shape...


You might wonder what Jaka's story as a photographer or filmmaker is?

What gets his creative juices going?

He calmy responds that he's kept away from the television set for the last dozen years. He makes up for this terrible hole in his tedious days by curiously scoouring the worldwide web.

But let's continue another day, although he is definetely a night owl. :)